InvisiFRAME Generic Kit

InvisiFRAME Generic Kit

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We have developed a simple, but effective Generic CX kit, which offers protection to all of the main areas. 

This is a generic kit so some adjustments to the length of parts and a cut around any cable bosses will be necessary in order to fit the kit to your bike.

The kit fork protection, top tube protection, down tube protection, back of seat tube protection, seat stays and chain stays protection, head tube protection and a full dot sheet to combat cable rub.

InvisiFrame uses premium quality automotive vinyl, which has been developed to protect car paint from stone chip and abrasion damage, so you can be sure that, although we can't promise to protect your frame from major damage, we can protect and minimise general trail wear, scuffs, abrasions, storage and transportation mishaps keeping your steed looking newer for longer.